5th Sunday of Easter – Unraveled

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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Rev. Steve Clark preaching

   Here’s what the creators behind this resource we’re using say about the theme: What happens when our world falls apart? How do we press onward when our tightly-knit plans unravel into loose threads? What do we become when our identity—or the path we’re on—comes undone? What if all of this is not the end we fear it will be? In our unraveling, sometimes life surprises us with unexpected joy, love, and hope—with a new beginning we couldn’t have imagined. Sometimes we need God to unravel us, for we long to be changed.
In our worship and preaching we’ll look at 12 stories of people in the Bible whose plans were undone by circumstances, their own actions, or by the work of God. In these stories we’ll look for lessons for our own living in the face of plans that don’t work out – which seems to be the current situation in which the entire world finds itself right now.

We begin THIS SUNDAY with a look at one crucial moment in the lives of Abraham and Sarah
(Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-7).

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