5th Sunday of Easter – Unraveled

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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Rev. Steve Clark preaching

   Here’s what the creators behind this resource we’re using say about the theme: What happens when our world falls apart? How do we press onward when our tightly-knit plans unravel into loose threads? What do we become when our identity—or the path we’re on—comes undone? What if all of this is not the end we fear it will be? In our unraveling, sometimes life surprises us with unexpected joy, love, and hope—with a new beginning we couldn’t have imagined. Sometimes we need God to unravel us, for we long to be changed.
In our worship and preaching we’ll look at 12 stories of people in the Bible whose plans were undone by circumstances, their own actions, or by the work of God. In these stories we’ll look for lessons for our own living in the face of plans that don’t work out – which seems to be the current situation in which the entire world finds itself right now.

We begin THIS SUNDAY with a look at one crucial moment in the lives of Abraham and Sarah
(Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-7).

4th Sunday of Easter

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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Rev. Steve Clark preaching

For this Sunday, READ Hebrews 12:1-3 and REFLECT: The writer uses “a great cloud of witnesses” to refer to faithful disciples who have died but are “cheering on” the readers who are following Christ now. Who can you imagine watching your life and cheering for you as you walk this journey of faith? How does it make you feel as you imagine that? The writer also reminds us of the obstacles Christ himself endured as he lived out his calling, inviting us to let his example inspire us as we face our own challenges. What about Christ’s own experience can be helpful for us as you face the difficulties in your current situation?

Third Sunday of Easter

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Sunday, April 26
Rev. Kathie S. Pownall preaching

This week we will take a walk with two ordinary people who make a miraculous discovery. In this time when we are all dealing with the trauma around us due to the virus, it is good to know that in the midst of it all God provides us with surprises and comfort.

Jesus is Walking With Me 
I’ve been thru the valley, I’ve been through the fire;
I’ve walked thru deep water, I’ve bowed in the mire;
I’ve fought in the battled with courage all gone,
But this is the reason I always go on.
Jesus is with me – my shepherd and guide,
All that I need He is there to provide;
That makes the difference – this friend by my side;
Jesus is walking with me.

[Words and music by John Peterson]

Second Sunday of Easter

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Sunday, April 19
Pastor Steve Clark preaching

For Sunday, READ John 20:19-31 and REFLECT: What do you make of the fact that three times in this story Jesus says the very same thing – “Peace be with you”? Imagine hearing Jesus say that to you this week; what effect would that have on you at this time in your life? From this story we get the phrase, “a doubting Thomas.” Do you think that’s a fair nickname for that disciple? Why or why not? What do you see as the relationship between doubt and faith?

Easter – He is Risen!

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The wilderness is the birthplace of joy.
Easter Sunday – April 12
Pastor Steve Clark preaching

For Sunday, READ John 20:1-18 and REFLECT: This is probably a very familiar story to many of us. Are there any details you’ve not noticed before? Do they seem important and if so, why? Why do you think John twice mentions details about what the disciples find in the tomb (“the linen wrappings lying there” in the tomb, and ” the cloth that had been on Jesus’ head, not lying with the linen wrappings but rolled up in a place by itself”; vv5-6)? How do you think it is that Mary doesn’t recognize Jesus at first, even though she had spent lots of time with him before his death? Do you ever find it hard to recognize Jesus’ presence in the world?

Palm Sunday – we are brave

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The wilderness is a place where we are brave.
Palm/Passion Sunday – April 5
Pastor Steve Clark preaching

For Sunday, READ Matthew 21:1-11 and REFLECT: Matthew tells us in verses 4 and 5 that the manner of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem was fulfilling an Old Testament prophecy. Do you think Jesus knew he was doing this? If so, what message do you think he was trying to get across? At the end of the text, in verse 11, the crowds describe Jesus as “the prophet.” What do you think of when you hear the word “prophet”? What do you think it meant to the people in the crowd that day? How is Jesus a prophet in your own life?

Lent V – Resilient Life

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The wilderness is a place of new life – resilient life.
Lent V – Sunday, March 29
Pastor Steve Clark preaching

For Sunday, READ Ezekiel 37:1-4 and John 11:1-45 and REFLECT: There are several scenes in the John story: Jesus with his disciples (vs. 1-16), Jesus with Martha (vs. 17-27), Jesus with Mary (vs. 28-32), and Jesus at the tomb (vs. 33-45). Pick one of the scenes and imagine yourself as one of the characters in that particular encounter with Jesus. What do you understand about what Jesus says and does, and what confuses or upsets you? What question(s) do you have for Jesus? What message(s) do you think are in this story for our congregation and for our world?

Lent IV – Isolation – Connection

Sunday March 22, 2020 – Worship Service video – Click here.