Comparing goats and sheep

SUNDAY, JULY 19, 2020 –

Rev. Kathie S. Pownall preaching

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For this Sunday, READ Matthew 25:31-46 [The Message translation if you can]. Consider if you are “baahing or bleating” – goat/sheep comparison. This parable summarizes the point of Jesus’ ministries and is quite important for us to receive and consider mindfully. Administer justice? How do we do that? What issues in our world require our attention paid to “justice”? 
IDEA: Consider the words that others say and whether you keep silent or if you say something. The sermon will contain two stories upon which to reflect. Imagining and helping create a society where justice and mercy meet and enrich each other may be the hardest, most essential, and at times the most uncomfortable work we are called to by the Gospel of Jesus.

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