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Sunday June 14, 2020

Pastor Steve Clark preaching

   For this Sunday, READ Acts 9:1-20 and REFLECT: What details in this story catch your attention and make you want to know more? Imagine you had a chance to talk to Saul a couple weeks after his experience on the road to Damascus. What question(s) would you ask him? What about Ananias; what more would you want to learn from him about his experience? At two later points in the book of Acts, Saul (now named Paul) will tell in his own words the story of his encounter on the Damascus road; each time he will tell it a little differently. If you were to tell your story of an encounter you had with God, what would you say?
   FROM THE ARTIST: In this image, a halo hovers around the hand of Ananias, nodding to the sacred courage required to melt the hatred of his oppressor with intimacy and connection. Scales pour out of Saul’s eyes, purging him, cleansing him, igniting him with a new and particular mission: to pour out God’s grace wherever humans try to limit it.” — Lisa Gwynn Garrity

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