When plans fall apart

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Sunday June 7, 2020

Pastor Steve Clark preaching

THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 7, is a Communion Sunday. If you would like to participate in celebrating the sacrament, have your bread/cracker/cookie/? and juice/wine/water/? ready when you begin the video and join the service. We also receive the offering for the Deacons’ Fund the first Sunday of each month. Your contributions provide immediate assistance to individuals in our community in financial crisis. Please prayerfully consider a donation.
   READ Luke 19:1-10 and REFLECT: I wonder what Zacchaeus had heard that made him so eager to “see who Jesus was” (v.3)? Imagine yourself as Zacchaeus in the tree, and Jesus stops, looks up directly at you and calls you by name. What are you thinking or feeling at that moment? The original language of v.8 leaves open the possibility that Zacchaeus was either making a new promise in response to Jesus’ welcome – OR he was describing how he was already handling his wealth. What difference do these two options make to the story for you? 

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