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April 8, 2020
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Fullness of the Tomb – by Lauren Wright Pittman © A Sanctified Art
The wilderness is the birthplace of joy.
Easter Sunday - April 12
Pastor Steve Clark preaching

For Sunday, READ John 20:1-18 and REFLECT: This is probably a very familiar story to many of us. Are there any details you've not noticed before? Do they seem important and if so, why? Why do you think John twice mentions details about what the disciples find in the tomb ("the linen wrappings lying there" in the tomb, and " the cloth that had been on Jesus’ head, not lying with the linen wrappings but rolled up in a place by itself"; vv5-6)? How do you think it is that Mary doesn't recognize Jesus at first, even though she had spent lots of time with him before his death? Do you ever find it hard to recognize Jesus' presence in the world?

About the Art: "Each person engages the tomb to different degrees. Mary sees the stone missing from the tomb and runs to share what she’s seen. Peter enters the tomb immediately and sees the linen wrappings and Jesus’ head cloth. The unnamed disciple enters after Peter and believes, though his belief is unclear. It seems each person’s knowledge builds, but understanding isn't realized. The disciples return home, but Mary chooses to remain present and to see.
If we take time in the disorienting, wilderness moments of our lives, choosing to see everything for what it is instead of running away, our perspective can change, and we open ourselves to miracles. Mary planted herself in the wilderness and saw the horror of an empty tomb transform into the most saturated image of hope. Jesus is unbound, alive, and everywhere, and she becomes the original bearer of this Good News. When we choose to endure the wilderness, we have the opportunity to recognize and receive the gifts the wilderness has to offer us, and to go out to share it with others."
- Lauren Wright Pittman



...for another Connects with info about participating
in "virtual" worship and celebrating communion on Maundy Thursday, April 9. 




Each gift to One Great Hour of Sharing helps to improve the lives of the suffering and the vulnerable; providing relief from natural disasters (including the COVID-19 pandemic), food for the hungry, and support for the poor and oppressed. During this time of crisis, we are reminded that the most vulnerable in our midst suffer first, most, and longest.

Where God is, there is hope
for these at-risk communities.

Together, we become the household of God. We extend shelter to those who have no place to stay, offer compassion to those who have pain—be it physical, emotional or spiritual—and we set a feast, with God, for those who lack access to enough food to eat. God’s household filled with love and everyone is welcome.

To Give:

  • This link ( takes you to our website, where you can click on the “Donate” button to pay by PayPal or credit card. Please send an email to Treasurer Ron McKinney ( indicating that donation is for One Great Hour of Sharing.
  • Use your personal banking app (utilizing Zelle®) to send a cash donation to Note that gift is for OGHS.
  • Mail your check (payable to Concord, memo: OGHS) to Concord Presbyterian Church, 1800 Fairfax Blvd., Wilmington, DE 19803.

Join with Presbyterians worldwide in sharing God's love with
neighbors-in-need around the globe



Concord Photo Gallery

If you have photos you'd be willing to share with your Concord family, please send them to Margaret. Show us how you're coping with social distancing and working from home, how you're worshiping, hobbies and activities you're involved with, interesting hairdos you're sporting in these days of no barbers/stylists...! We'll try to share a few photos in each issue of Concord Connects and include others in a photo gallery we're setting up on our website.


 Jane & Wes Diemer's daughter Anne has a loving way of saying hello to her neighbors
in Basking Ridge, NJ.


A Rowe family chat -  Brian in Charlotte, Marie in Hohenhameln, Germany and
Phoebe and Liz in... of course... Wilmington!


The Fenimores from their balcony at Cokesbury.


Prayer Requests
Nancy Tucker's mother Jackie hospitalized briefly last week after she was found unresponsive. She is now back in her assisted living facility.
 Jan Moore's friend Tina is having no success with the treatment for her advanced breast cancer. She was to start a new treatment this last week. Prayers for her and her family.
 Kathie's Pownall's daughter Gabby as she prepares for the birth of her second child in early May. Chief concern is who will take care of Eden when Gabby goes to the hospital.
 Marie Lower, in need of 24-hour care, is now at Forwood Manor after a brief stay in the hospital (Room 138A).
 Allene Goodfellow, at home, is in pain following a fall. Hoping to hire a home healthcare aide.
 Christina Pressley for guidance in reaching out to the Youth Group in these days of Zoom & separation.
 Kay Jewett's classmate who had the virus is now able to return to her medical duties.
Kay's nephew's mother-in-law is in hospice & unable to have any family but her husband by her side during this time.
Meg Greene,exposed to the virus by a co-worker & now in the waiting period. Her health is compromised so there is an additional concern for her safety.
Buzz Buswell - in Cadia & cancer-free, but still not ambulatory. Concerns about where he will live when he leaves Cadia.
Carol Lind's cousin's husband Rich Cassidy hospitalized in Cape May with bilateral pneumonia & being tested for Covid-19.  He has been having radiation treatments for cancer. 
Carol Lind's grand-niece Sara is home & on antibiotics for infection from her ruptured appendix.
Duane Jessup's older brother Larry (from upstate NY) has contracted the virus. Mild symptoms so far but high risk due to cancer treatments.  
Prayers of safety & support for those who work in retirement homes & long-term care facilities, cooking & delivering meals, cleaning, providing security, etc. They truly are essential to the residents and many are working extremely long hours due to short-staffing.

A Diaspora Prayer Group prays on Mondays at 9:00am for those on the church prayer list
(of which this is just a part). If you would like to add names/needs to this list and
this ministry of prayer, click here:





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