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This Sunday

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Sunday July 5, 2020

Pastor Steve Clark preaching

“Finding a Bigger Story”

For this Sunday, READ John 4:1-29 and REFLECT: In this probably-familiar story, there is a lot of back-and-forth conversation between Jesus and the Samaritan woman. Imagine yourself there, listening in to the conversation. What question(s) would you have for Jesus? How do you think he would answer? Jesus apparently knows more about the woman than she has been willing to reveal (vs. 17-18). No explanation is given in the text for the woman’s marriage history, but various backstories have been offered over the years. Some depict her as a woman of loose morals; some depict her as victim of male oppression. What do you think is her story – and why? How does your understanding of her story affect your understanding of what Jesus is doing in this conversation?


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In-person Worship Services Remain Cancelled

Preschool & Childcare will Open


As we continue adjusting to habits and practices required by the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be aware that the state of Delaware has issued new guidelines that allow for congregations to begin meeting again. You can find the guidelines at You may also be aware that, in line with state guidelines and requirements, and with Session approval, Concord Preschool & Childcare will be reopening with limited enrollment soon, as early as June 15.

Many of you are probably wondering what this means for Concord and are asking When will we reopen for in-person worship again? At our meeting on June 3, Session decided that the current answer is: Likely not until the end of summer at the earliest. As disappointing as that is for all of us, current data about virus transmission, as well as restrictions in the current state guidelines, make it impractical for us to gather in person at this point. It would require seriously limiting the number of people who can attend, prohibit specific categories of people from attending (65+ and those with other health issues), prohibit children from gathering with children outside their own household, and prohibit congregational or choir singing.  Click here to see full text of letter to congregation.

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